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DiBlasi and Gelok gear up for a successful administration
by Jenna Grande
April 11, 2012

On March 30, after the SGA Transition Dinner, an era officially came to an end. The Paulsen-Bourlier administration formally came to a close as the dynamic duo Paul DiBlasi and Brian Gelok took reign in their new roles as Student Body President and Executive Vice President. MORE—->

A farewell letter from outgoing SGA President Paulsen
March 17, 2012

Last summer, I had the privilege of attending freshmen orientation and meeting the Marist Class of 2015 before their first day of college. Every day began with an amazing video put together by the First Year Programs staff that helped give the newest members of the Maristcommunity an idea of what college was all about. The video ended with a few lines that read, “Life doesn’t last forever. Neither does college. Make the best of both. Make a difference at Marist.” MORE—->

What’s next for President DiBlasi
by Jenna Grande
March 6, 2012

Both Paul DiBlasi and Brian Gelok shared feelings of anticipation moments before the SGA election result announcement was made Wednesday night, as they focused strongly on the reasons why they joined SGA and how, despite the outcome, their involvement in the organization would not change. MORE—->

Paul DiBlasi wins student body presidency
by Bryan Terry
March 6, 2012

In a record year for voter turnout in the Marist student government elections, Paul DiBlasi won the student body presidency by a mere 81 votes over Michael Johnson.

Security, SGA respond to recent sexual assault
Staff Reports
February, 28, 2012

On February 26, at 8 p.m., Marist students received an email from John T. Gildard, the director of safety and security, that relayed the following information: early Saturday morning, security received an incident report from a student who stated she was a victim of an acquaintance rape in the Upper West Cedar parking lot. MORE—->

SGA announces new campus ATMs, smart phone voting
by Bryan Terry
February 21, 2012

In a press conference held on Wednesday, Feb. 15, Student Body President Andrew Paulsen announced that four new ATMs, including two in new locations on campus, are coming to Marist. He also made several other announcements updating other projects including smart phone voting for this year’s SGA elections and information on the Student Center renovation. MORE—->

SGA approves new elections commission
by Bryan Terry
February 7, 2012

As student government elections near and campaign season approaches, the SGA Executive Board and Senate unanimously approved three officers to run a new elections commission.  Erica Jordan, a sophomore will head the commission and be joined by sophomore Maggie Crateau and freshman Anthony Zanin. MORE—->


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