A message from President DiBlasi to the student body

From left to right: Executive Vice President Brian Gelok, Student Body President Paul Diblasi, Former Student Body President Andrew Paulsen, Former Executive Vice President April Bourlier

Three years ago I set foot on this campus really having no idea what laid before me. I had come from north of Boston where almost no one had heard of Marist College (including myself) and no one knew what it stood for.  After touring Marist I knew that this was the right college for me.

As a part of the anxious summer before freshman year I did everything I could to read and study up on the college that I was soon to be a part of.  In my reading I found some negative material about the student body and the student life.  Even though I had not yet truly become a member of the community, this negative information really got under my skin. That damaging material really motivated me to do everything I could to show the outside world what a great place Marist is.

Today, almost three years later I find myself in a position where I can truly make a difference. During these three years I have seen how many of the things said on those websites were wrong, but also how there are many areas for improvement. Along with Brian Gelok I have developed goals for this year’s Student Government Association and the Marist community.

  •  1. We will work towards a more perfect athletic center. Many of the student concerns we receive are about the workout facility at the McCann arena. We aim to help resolve many of these concerns with an innovative and thoughtful solution.
  • 2. We will work towards a more inclusive community. The clubs and organizations (including SGA) are the lifeblood of our campus. We will work to make ourselves more inclusive and realize that there is potential in every student.
  • 3. We will work towards a more student-centered Student Government Association. Instead of waiting for student concerns to come to us, we will make it a point to reach out to the community and ensure that everyone feels a connection with the decisions being made around them.

While the Student Government Association Administrations of the past three years have had many successes, we feel that with hard work and dedication we can accomplish even more that they did. We have surrounded ourselves with the most qualified people and have learned a great deal over the last three years. With this in mind Brian and I understand that the bar has been set high and we are going to do everything we can to reach it.

If any students are interested in voicing their concerns I welcome them to come by the Student Government Association Office anytime. I would also like to invite every student to become a member of Student Government in some form. Stay updated by following our Twitter (@MaristSGA), pinning us on Pinterest, or liking us on Facebook.

The students which were named to DiBlasi’s executive board are listed after the jump.

Executive Vice President – Brian Gelok
Vice President of Student Life – Courtney Lawlor
Director of Communications – Steve Sabato
Vice President of Academic Affairs – Shalyn Baum
Director of Public Relations – Rebecca Snodgrass
Vice President of Athletic Affairs – Marc Adamsky
Historian – Nicolette Coan
Chief Financial Officer – Daniel Turner
Vice President of Clubs – Luis Castillo, Jr.
Director of Elections Commission – Erica Jordan
Chief Information Officer – Jeff Woronick
Vice President of Student Programming – Lauren Carrozza

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