Bits and Bites – 3.2.12

  • In stark contrast to the huge voter turnout for this year’s elections, interest was low at the town hall event SGA hosted just prior to the results party, during which the floor was open to questions but only one was asked (by a member of student government, nonetheless).
  • President-elect DiBlasi tells me he will be naming his executive board next week.
  • $1350 was raised from 50/50 sales at last Sunday’s basketball game for the scholarships in honor of Kerry Fitzsimons, Eva Block, and Kevin Johnson. The money will also go toward a establishing a permanent memorial on campus.
  • Marist President Dennis Murray wrote a letter to the Marist community regarding the memorial scholarship.
  • I’m still working on a post about the debate over online campaigning.
  • I hear that there is going to Nutella in the cafeteria now!? Need to find out more about this.
  • The Marist Poll on the Republican Primary in Arizona came far closer to the actual results than the CNN Poll did (full disclosure: I work at MIPO).
  • MAAC basketball tournament this weekend! Circle coverage here. PoJo coverage here, here, and here.
  • Let us not forget the other not as publicized, but still impressive, recent Marist sports accomplishments.
  • MCCTA presents newly-revised work “Spine” this weekend at the Nelly Goletti Theatre.
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