SGA candidates make their cases at speech night

Last night we heard opening statements in this campaign season from students running for the various SGA positions that will be voted on next Monday through Wednesday.  Due to the fact that several candidates will be running unopposed, there are already some winners including every position in the classes of 2013 and 2014.

You can view a list of all the candidates running after the “read more” jump.  Also, WMAR radio’s twitter page is a good source for quick summaries of what all of the candidates said at the event (I, unfortunately, had a prior obligation and attended only the student body presidential candidates’ speeches).

The highest profile race is, of course, that of student body president which pits Michael Johnson, the current Senate Speaker, against Paul Diblasi, current 2013 class president.  Diblasi’s vice presidential running mate is Brian Gelok, the current vice president of club affairs.  Johnson is running solo and will appoint a VP should he win election.

A common thread through both speeches included improving relations between SGA and the other clubs/organizations on campus.  Diblasi said that he is interested in revamping the club room registration system to make it work more efficiently.  Gelok echoed his sentiment saying that SGA needs to cosponsor events with clubs.

Johnson stated similar ideas, citing that while speech night was going on, there were clubs and organizations holding events all over campus and saying that SGA needs to work with clubs and not against them.

Some other notes from the speeches:

From Michael Johnson:

  • Proposed the idea of hiring a mail truck to deliver to student housing areas that are distant from the mailroom
  • Would like to bring sustainable to-go containers to the dining hall
  • Believes relationship between SGA and student body can be improved through cosponsorship as opposed to competition in the community (cites ideas for large scale events which would reach out to multiple clubs for sponsorship/presentation)
  • Says his position on board of former president Matt Lubrano helped him find the middle ground between the student body and the SGA.

From Paul Diblasi

  • Discussed increasing campus efficiency through updating parking appeal system as well as club room reservation system in addition to adding “new technology” to classrooms.
  • Wants to develop a “laundry view”-like system for workout machines in the McCann facility.
  • Says students generally come to SGA when problems arise (I.E. parking tickets) which has led to a negative view of student government.
  • Cites ZipCars, New York Times Readership Program as accomplishments during his time in student government.

Here is the list of candidates:

Class of 2015
Sarah Gaudio

Carolyn Bugbee
Caroline Caraker

Ignacio Andres Borbolla

Vice President
Ryan Ellman

Giananthony Damasco
Cameron Schuh

Class of 2014
Hilary Wiggins

Diana Dubs

Alexandra Makowski

Vice President
Dillon Orr

Deborah Akinwunmi

Class of 2013
Kevin Manning

Aimee Beltramini

Kevin Hunker

Vice President
Alexandra Cavaliere

Nicholas Homler

Commuter Senator
(Two commuter senators will be elected)
Ryan Breen
Justin Pupa
Zain Qayyum

Resident Senator
(Five resident senators will be elected)
Samantha DeVito
Courtney Lawlor
Atiq Lucas
Gabriella Lutjen
Garrin Marchetti
Jane Tracy
Jason Tyler

Student Body President
Paul DiBlasi
Michael Johnson

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