Need cash? SGA announces addition of two new ATM machines on campus

President Paulsen announces new ATMs at press conference

At a press conference this afternoon, student body President Andrew Paulsen announced that beginning in a few months there will be four ATMs on campus including two in new locations.  The college plans to locate one new machine in the McCann Center and one in Jazzman’s – expanding this service to the east side of Route 9 for the first time.

The two current ATMs are positioned in the Student Center and in Donnelly Hall.  These will continue to operate in the same buildings though the Student Center machine will be relocated to the Rotunda.

There will be a one dollar fee for the use of all four of the new machines which will no longer be affiliated with any bank.   Instead Marist College will own and operate each machine and will take on all responsibility for their upkeep and maintenance.

“HSBC, which operates the ATM in the student center, informed us that they would be removing that machine effective March of this year,” Paulsen said.  He later told me that when the college decided to pursue this initiative, the administration informed Wells Fargo that Marist would taking over control of that ATM as well.

At the press conference, Paulsen could not disclose any information about the cost of the project, but he did say that the one dollar fee was put into effect to cover the operation of the new machines which will be overseen by the business office.

For a period of time between March and the end of this semester, there will not be an ATM available for use in the Student Center. “The turnaround time for the new machines is 120 days from last Monday,” said Paulsen. “The Donnelly Hall ATM will remain active throughout the process.”

Security Director John Gildard is also working on this project, ensuring that cameras are set up to monitor all of the machines.

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