Blogging student government

Hello all!

I have had the pleasure in my four years at Marist of taking part in many great experiences both here at the college and in various internships.  As capping approached, I racked my brain to find some way to bring it all together – to make my final project something that takes my interests, classes and experiences and out of them creates one product.

I hope for this blog to be that product. In the entries that follow on this site, my goal is to bring you the most up to date information on all student government happenings from initiatives to events to elections (…and more!).  I will attempt to make it to as many SGA related activities as I possibly can, while balancing other classes and jobs (and, yes, enjoying my final semester as a student here).

Why “Marist in Progress?” The idea behind this title is that Marist, as a college, is never static.  Whether in the classroom, through various clubs and organizations, or in student government, new ideas are constantly being discussed here in our little nest on the Hudson.  The campus is a place to be bold, to experiment and, as is the case with SGA, to lead.

Having said that, I hope to make this the most comprehensive, well rounded source of SGA information so that we all are aware of the hard work our campus government puts into our school.  I also would like to make this a forum in which we can discuss the issues and challenges our college faces and determine ways we can work through them as a student body.

Please feel free to contact me with ideas, critiques, and general thoughts on the blog, student government, and Marist as a whole. Also don’t be afraid to send me your story ideas!

I look forward to interacting with many different people throughout this project and discovering more about Marist in my final semester than I’ve known throughout my first three years here.

Bryan Terry
Senior Journalism Major, Political Science Minor, Music Minor
Twitter: @SGAinProgress

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